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Americans Ponder a Move to Canada, Come Visit First

Hotel KenneyAs usual at a time of crisis, Canada is coming to the side of southern best friend U.S.A., as reported front page in Monday’s USA TODAY Americans are flocking to a Cape Breton web site (“Cape Breton if Donald Trump wins“) inviting those threatening to leave home in the event of Trump’s becoming President in the upcoming U.S. elections. The candidate for election in November has become so controversial that over 650,000 citizens have applied for information about Cape Breton and environs, as well as immigration details. Forbes magazine also writes that Google searches for “How to Move to Canada” rose 350%.

Realizing that the Cape Breton population numbering under 150,000 is in jeopardy of drowning under the potential deluge of American immigrants, Ontario citizens are rallying to do what they can for Cape Bretons unable to deal with a huge immigration threat.

All up and down the Rideau Canal corridor, from Kingston to Ottawa, extensive hospitality sites are being considered along the United Nations World Heritage site for Canadian visitors from Cape Breton as well as those American refugees preferring the quaint lake resort villages of this historic Canadian vacation retreat.

Iconic small country hotels like Hotel Kenney at Jones Falls where President Taft and European royalty once visited, is offering solace to fellow Canadians as well as Americans seeking a temporary escape to an idyllic politically neutral land of lakes, wildlife, incredible scenery and very real tranquility that also boasts great fishing, entertaining guides, fully licensed refreshments, legal advice, and families with strong Nova Scotia family ties.

Potential American refugees are obviously intrigued by the high U.S. dollar exchange rates which contribute to that common fantasy of owning a piece of the Canadian dream, complete with friends and neighbors they can understand.

Canadian immigration authorities in the Ontario area are urging those fleeing political trepidation to follow official procedure in attempting to enter Canada. Canada welcomes as it always has those law-abiding neighbors who share the Canadian border as well as the wilderness to the north. As for those Cape Breton residents, Jones Falls has opened its arms in warm welcome to what Princess Louise pronounced the most beautiful place in all of Canada.

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