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Jones Falls – World Heritage Site

One of twenty-four lock stations on the Rideau Canal, Jones Falls has a series of four entirely hand-operated locks. Constructed between 1826 and 1832, the canal which stretches from Kingston at the mouth of the St. Lawrence to Ottawa is today listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site following its 2007 committee meeting in New Zealand.

Opened in 1832, the system was considered one of the wonders of 19th century North America. That opening 178 years ago was celebrated at Jones Falls by thousands who came to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and the hospitality of Parks Canada, including food and refreshments courtesy of the Parks. Acknowledged during the festivities were the extraordinary sacrifices of labour during construction, when over a thousand workers died from the hardships of what was then wilderness.

In celebrating Canada’s newest World Heritage site, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization describes that site as “the best preserved slackwater canal in North America and the only canal from the great canal-building era that still operates along its original route and with most of its original structures intact. This engineering marvel and the fortifications built at Kingston to protect it illustrate a globally important stage in human history – the clash for control of the northern half of this continent.”

The Rideau Canal and its corridor were named in 2008 by National Geographic as number two on its must see list of world locations for people to visit.

Almost all accommodations at Hotel Kenney offer views of the locks and recreational small boat traffic passing between Whitefish and Sand Lakes, as well as the wildlife and rich natural forestation along the shores of the adjacent fish sanctuary.

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