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Two New Booking Plans at Hotel Kenney

In this our 140th year of operation, Hotel Kenney will hold fast to offering a traditional full American Plan visit with no minimum stay. That plan provides a per person commitment on our part and yours to three meals a day included in the room rate, with the usual all-inclusive menus of meat, poultry or fish and soup, salad, dessert and coffee or tea.

However, by popular demand, we will also continue two alternative plans featuring fixed room rates and optional a la carte menus. The first is room for one or two overnight guests without meals. And secondly, a modified plan to include both breakfast and dinner, but excluding lunch. These options are intended to accommodate those seeking savings on abbreviated as well as extended stays, and those wishing to get around the area in search of alternative culinary adventures. Kingston, only 40 minutes away, offers a wide variety of dining experiences which we are always pleased to help you assess (even though we know we are going to be hard to beat!).

Rate cards will be available in April and if you have already booked, your booked rate is guaranteed. However, you will also have the option to change the status of your plan if you wish.

The other advantage of these new alternatives is an a la carte menu which, of course, many will feel unnecessary to explore.

Please phone or email if you have any questions.

Jones Falls

Jones Falls, one of the most beautiful spots in the Rideau Lakes chain of lakes and waterways, is located at the confluence of Whitefish and Sand Lakes. The Rideau Waterway extends from the historic city of Kingston, Ontario, guarded by Fort Henry on Lake Ontario, to the capital city of Canada, Ottawa.

The difference in lake levels at Jones Falls, is nearly eighty feet and was overcome by the construction of four locks amidst the original natural wooded beauty of this section. It was also necessary to build a solid stone dam to hold back the waters of Sand Lake. Built by hand labour after the War of 1812-14 by the British Royal Engineers, the dam is 400 feet in length, 90 feet high and 300 feet thick at the base. It is formed of immense blocks of closely cut limestone and at the time of its building was considered to be an outstanding engineering feat and is admired today as such.

The massive quartet of dam, locks, basin and waterfall set among the towering rocky bluffs wrapped in their varicoloured greens are features of a holiday to Jones Falls and Hotel Kenney. The photographic possibilities are wonderful, and there are many scenic drives close by which offer an interesting opportunity to explore the wonders of the Rideau, using Hotel Kenney as headquarters.

The proximity of a dozen lakes offers many opportunities for a change of scenery, wonderful places for shore dinners, several excellent bathing beaches and picnic places. For those lazy days the grounds, travel on the Rideau, and the fishing parties going and coming, provide an ever-changing picture while you sit and wait for the dinner bell to summon you for another great Hotel Kenney meal.

And don’t forget…

In this our 140th year, we wish you would return to share in what we feel is a meaningful and peaceful sense of stability, laced with nostalgia and a refreshed view of the future.

As physical restoration nears satisfaction, we now look to further upgrade hospitality, service and menu. We promise.


Janice, Frank and the Staff

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