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Welsh Rarebit for Breakfast – We Promise!

In our first newsletter last year prior to opening for the season, we talked all about the hand-off of four generations of Kenneys. It was all about Kenneys and Folts’ and assorted personal credentials. That’s now behind us.

The road travelled last summer was smooth and seamless. The transition, excepting personalities, was barely noticeable. No rocky or dramatic moments. The only major exception being the frantic search for a family of character and heart to adopt two orphaned kittens abandoned near the Boathouse. But guests Mike and Lynn Kingsmill stepped up to the plate and provided the pair a fantastic home, complete with fun toys and much love.

The transition is complete, but as predicted in our first newsletter, the lives of guests, guides and staff, long past, still linger nostalgically in the air of this grand old lady of hospitality where change is hard to measure, even detect. Unless, of course, some time in the past you might just have noticed, in between a wee dram of Canadian whisky and going out with your fishing party, that the bath in Inn #6 had some overlooked mould. Because you are friends, you perhaps discreetly reported the embarrassment, and today, it is different. That attention to detail grows in all of the buildings, along with fresh paint, paneling, rugs, refinished floors, new linens, bed and laundry (we still line dry in some of the freshest sunshine on God’s earth!). Ask about some of the new rooms. They have character.

The main living room is now licensed and you can have a glass of sherry in front of the fireplace on a comfortable faux polar bear rug thrown over that very comfortable hand crafted Stickley sofa. And as we roll into summer, the porch along the waterside of the main building is now also licensed to serve you, whether as a bridge group, or just the two of you in side-by-side rockers holding hands when no one’s looking. It’s all yours for the asking.

Across the street, the snack bar has become what we call the country kitchen even with new and/or refinished floors of course, ice cream is what it will always be remembered for, but now in addition to those wonderful breakfasts Tammy can whip up, you are invited to stay for lunch and dinner instead of the main dining room in the hotel, where reservations are still recommended.

And as far as the main dining room is concerned, we came a long way home last year, but that’s nothing compared to where we are going this year. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed planning it and making it happen via Umbria in Italy, Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the States, and Princess Street in Kingston. It’s all coming together after years of fantasy, including Welsh Rarebit as standard fare on the breakfast menu. (Very Boswellian!) A new floor in the kitchen is easier on those dedicated guys who keep it spotless while attending the recently new dishwashing equipment, supplied from our new well and water treatment systems.

Please think of this place as yours, your children’s, and their children’s. That’s what it’s all about. And yesterday turning into tomorrow with grace and good memories, memories and memories. One of which, in everyone’s life, should be of a fresh Rideau lake fish, superbly cooked – one that you caught, and will never, never, ever forget. Hotel Kenney is the name of the place. Remember? A hamlet on the edge of the village of Elgin, on the road they say, to California, the true insider’s paradise. Come visit.

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